Fly With Attack on Titan 3D Maneuver Gear Cosplay

Attack on Titan Gear

Attack on Titan GearAttack on Titan 3D Maneuver Gear Cosplay is needed for those of you who want to try to perform cosplay from anime Shingeki no Kyojin. This ultimate weapon will be a complement to your appearance. But to wear attack on titan gear, you have to act as one of the militaries. Because they are people who only using such weapons.

So, if you perform as Attack on Titan Titan Cosplay, it would not fit. I never see Titan using this weapon. Indeed there are some humans who wear 3 Dimensional Maneuver Gear and could transform into Titan. But they do not wear it in the form of Titan, they only use it only in the form of a human.

Attack on titan maneuver gear is one of the most effective weapons to fight against the Titan. Many soldiers managed to kill Titan using this weapon with just one swing. Of course they should be cut right at the Titan’s weak point. Attack on Titan Maneuver Gear is a set of killer equipment with some tools that are connected to each other:

3D Maneuver Gear Cosplay

  1. Handgrips
  2. Piston-shot grapple-hooks
  3. Gas powered mechanism
  4. Iron Wire Propeller with Plug in Blades

3D Maneuver Gear Cosplay

If you want to buy attack on titan maneuver gear for your cosplay appearance, it would be equipped with all four such tools. 3D Maneuver Gear for cosplay is sold as a set in the real market or online store, not sold separately.

In the anime or manga Shingeki no Kyojin, using of 3 Dimensional Maneuver Gear weapon has its own rules. Even Eren Yeager had failed when he practiced at first. This weapon prioritize balance and muscle strength. Collision risk of these weapons is very high, especially when you’re swinging your body in the air.

3 dimensional maneuver device training is a rigorous process that allows humans, which are limited to two-dimensional movements, to adapt to movement in the third dimension.  Great physical strength, particularly in the legs, coupled with spatial recognition abilites, as well as the mental strength to not waver in the midst of a panic, are crucial qualities.

Attack on titan maneuver gear use grapple hook to swing. So the area is also very crucial in the use of this weapon, such as places filled with tall buildings and tall trees. In a very large area can not be used.

3 Dimensional Maneuver Gear

In addition, to accelerate the rate of swing, attack on titan maneuver gear is using two pieces of gas. whether speed and agility become a benchmark of success in attacking the Titan and escaped from Titan’s attack while fighting.

This weapon is really interesting to be discussed, and also very worth to be purchased. Your totality of doing Attack on Titan cosplay will be fully supported with buying this attack on titan gear.

How to Play Attack on Titan Titan Cosplay? Let’s Talk About It!

Attack on titan titan cosplay is a performance of the cosplayer who look like a Titan in Shingeki no Kyojin anime. This is beyond expectations, because in the anime Titan is so ugly and annoying, I even doubt be able to find the pretty one. But this did not discourage some cosplayers to perform as a Titan.

Let’s talk for a moment about the Titans, it is important if you want to try performing cosplay as Titan.

attack on titan titan cosplay

There are few types of titan, in height titan ranging from 3 meter class to 15 meter class. The real titan does not have the versatility. Never thought of doing anything else other than devouring humans. Another classification for titan is in ingenuity and aggressiveness, such as:

  1. Aberrant Titan is sometimes not so care about people and just want to destroy the places they visit. Titan of this type has unique abilities such as moving swiftly and running quickly.
  2. Wall Titan, this type is inside the wall and very weak because they had been force and being locked up in the dark.
  3. Titan Shifter, the most popular type to be chosen as the medium for cosplay. The Titans are the human’s transformation. Later we will discuss further.
  4. Ape Titan, this type has a height of 17 meters. It has very unique ability, it can control the other Titans and talk to the human.

Next, i will explain about attack on titan titan cosplay head part and body part. But wait! Before it i want you to watch this video first:

Attack on Titan Titan Cosplay Head Part

Attack on Titan Titan Cosplay Head Part

If you want playing attack on titan titan cosplay (shifter type), let’s talk the uppermost parts first, the head. You can see the image on the left. It almost similar with human head’s right?

I think this is the most crucial point. Because true fans of Attack on Titan would know the name of the Titan by catch a glimpse of its head.

That is why you should pick it first? Colossal Titan, Armored Titan, Rogue Titan, or Female Titan? :gila:

Attack on Titan Titan Cosplay Body Part

For the body parts, pay attention on the image and my description below. :p

Colossal Titan likely has no skin. In fact you can see the muscle and flesh with the naked eye. It’s a little disgusting, and will probably look painful if you touch it. You need to buy a costume to become Colossal Titan.

Armored Titan has a skin, it’s just a little complex. Its body so large and looks like a guy who always go to the gym. There are red lines between its body. I think you also need to buy a costume for its cosplay.

Rogue Titan is slightly different. This Titan is completely covered by skin. Maybe if you have a great body, you do not need to buy a costume. But.. nude? :o lol

Female Titan has a sexy body like an ideal woman. However, some parts have no skin. You need a costume and will look more suitable if worn by female cosplayers.

Attack on Titan Titan Cosplay Hair Part

Attack on Titan Titan Cosplay Hair Part

The next touch is to wear a wig. So far, there are 3 main Titans who has hair that appears in the anime.

You may make your hair look like Titan to perform cosplay. But note that some of Titans are very difficult to replicate without a wig. Armored Titan has short hair, but the color is very striking and it has a gray color. While Rogue Titan has long hair and unkempt.

Female Titan, may be applied to those of you who have blonde hair. But if you do not have it, do not worry, you can use a wig. And about Colossal Titan, I don’t want to talk about it. Just look, it has no hair. :army: :ngakaks

Now you can easily find Titan’s wigs on internet market because day by day attack on titan reach its top popularity and the demand for attack on titan cosplay increased after the anime is getting the top ranked in two consecutive seasons.

I will add more about attack on titan titan cosplay in another chance, see you.

Rurouni Kenshin the Movie | Awesome Samurai X Characters is Live Now

The main star of samurai x characters show on the war. Yes, the first scene on this Samurai X Movie is war at Toba Fushimi. This war is a war to start a new era. Kenshin, who was called as the Hitokiri Battousai (a slayer), in favor of the group Nishiki. In the end this is the group that won the war. But, this victory did not make Kenshin feel arrogant. This victory means freedom for him, freedom for no longer holds the status as a warrior, as a famous slayer.

I’ll continue my story, but before it you can watch the video below than you can try the Game too, the game is available on the middle of this post :Yb

Samurai X Movie Video

Before ending this last war, Kenshin met another main samurai x characters named Saito. He is a samurai, head of the group Shinsengumi. He tells Kenshin that, their life as a samurai will always determined by sword, the change of the era will not affect them.


But Kenshin does not believe it. Kenshin mark the era of reconciliation with his killer sword stick to the ground in front of Saito. When Kenshin and Saito had leave the battle area, from the pile of corpses seems someone back to life. One of antagonist samurai x characters called Jin ‘ei. He has a bloodthirsty instincts. He found Kenshin’s sword, and took it.

Ten years later, Kenshin appears at a festival as a traveler. In areas where Kenshin appears, there was the most annoying samurai x characters villain named Kanryu. He was an opium sellers, he enslaved Megumi, a woman doctor who forced by him to make opium.

Megumi tried to escape from Kanryu. But one of the men Kanryu look for her. That man is Jin’ei. He is now calling himself Battousai, he claim Kenshin’s nickname when killing. Around the festival Kenshin saw a corpse, the corpse was claimed to be the victim of Battousai. In this place he met a beautiful samurai x characters named Kaoru. Kaoru is a daughter of a dojo owner.

In this picture, Kaoru is the one with pink kimono and Megumi is the one who lay on Kenshin shoulder.

Samurai X characters megumi and kaoru

Kaoru hates Battousai (actually the fake battousai or jin’ei). Because in addition to terror killings, this fake Battousai also claim as a pupil of his father, the student of Kamiya Kashin Ryu dojo.

Kaoru think that Kenshin is the Fake Battousai, of course it wrong because Kenshin is the Original Battousai. In this chance, Kaoru attack Kenshin with her wooden sword. Than Kenshin shows his sword, a new sword made ​​by his friend. This sword is not the killer sword because of the sharp part is on the back.

Megumi who escaped, sought refuge at the police station. But unfortunately, although the amount of police lot, they were no match Jin’ei. Jin’ei kill all the police that were there.

After slaughtering the police, Jin’ei who is claiming to be Battousai met with Kaoru on a bridge. They fought, Kaoru almost killed, luckily as it Kenshin appears and save her.

Kenshin and Kaoru ran up to Kamiya Kashin Ryu dojo. Kaoru tells the chaos that occurred in the last six months. Fake Battousai had defamed his dojo. This led to all the students out of the dojo. In this dojo Kenshin see a writing that later became the basis of his new life, “Sword Not Created To Kill, But to Protect”.

On this occasion, Kenshin meets with another main samurai x characters, Yahiko. Yahiko is the only one remaining student there. Some time later, Kaoru and Yahiko was cleaning the dojo. Suddenly a bunch of vandals (Kanryu subordinates) come. They want to buy the dojo and enter the dojo with their dirty shoes.

When Kaoru and Yahiko cornered, Kenshin came. Kenshin fought and defeated them without killing a single person. Kenshin said that the original style of Hitokiri Battousai is Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu and not Kamiya Kashin Ryu as rumored.


Once they are all defeated, the people and the police came. Kenshin was brought to the police because he is carrying a samurai. Here Kaoru asked Keshin his real name? Do you know it?

In this prison Kenshin meet again with Saito. The meeting was reminiscent of the last time they met at Toba Fushimi. Besides Saito, Kenshin also met with Sanosuke Sagara who will challenge him later.

By Saito, Kenshin was brought to face Yamagata. Yamagata appear on samurai x characters as Kenshin’s superior when he was still a slayer. Yamagata and Saito would like to ask Kenshin to join them eradicate opium (which is spread by Kanryu). But why Fujita Goro (Saito) attacked Kenshin in front of Yamagata then?

Back to story, in the middle of the rain, Myojin collided with Megumi. Megumi is still trying to escape from Kanryu. At the same time Kaoru came to pick Kenshin. Kaoru tells Kenshin that he should stay with him and Myojin.

Kaoru does not care about his past as a slayer, because of this Kenshin feel very accepted by Kaoru. This is the moment that marks a new life of our main samurai x characters: “A Sword To Protect”.

Finally Kamia Kashin Ryu dojo has four members. They go eat together at a restaurant. When they were eating, Kanryu appears. He want to hire Kenshin as his bodyguard. When Kenshin refused Kanryu proposal, Sanosuke appears. He asked Kanryu hired him, he also challenged Kenshin.

Sanosuke fight Kenshin, but Sanosuke finally stopped after Kenshin saying something to him. What words that stopped Sanosuke?

Jin’ei with his bloodthirsty continue to kill. He is constantly spreading rumour that Battousai is the culprit. When Kenshin see the new victims that killed by Jin’ei. Kenshin saw a woman crying over one of the bodies. It reminds him of the people that give him the X mark on his cheek. How the X marks can appear on the Kenshin’s cheek?

The scene changed to Kanryu. He ordered a large machine guns, he plans to set up Kanryu empire. At the same time, Megumi was visited by one of Kanryu men, Han’Nya. Han’nya has poisoned the villagers water resources. Many villagers poisoning once, and ran for help to the dojo. Many people were poisoned and ran for help to the dojo.

Megumi, who is a doctor, successfully coordinated the people to overcome this crisis. But she realized that if she was in the community then Kanryu will persecute the other way. Finally Megumi secretly returned to Kanryu. Knowing this, Kenshin and Sanosuke went to Kanryu’s headquarters to rescue her.

But, while they went to Kanryu’s headquarters, Jin’ei kidnap Kaoru. What will happen next? Can Kenshin save them? Will Kenshin back into a legendary assasin? Let’s enjoy live samurai x characters on Rurouni Kenshin The Journey Begin.


Kimihiro Watanuki is a high school student who can see ghosts and weird creatures around. In this film, the ghost shows itself first in the school hallway. Secondly, there are 3 hands in trees. Third, he saw a shadow at his side. It is bothering him. He hates his ability to see ghosts.

Watanuki ran for depression. On the way, he met a woman. Around her hand, look the black shadow. The shadow is a ghost that causes her hands hurt.

At that time, Watanuki does not seem to mind. He continued running and without realizing it, he was in a strange store. The store was appealing his body to get into the house. At the front door he was greeted by two young women. And inside, he met the owner of the shop named Yuko Ichihara. Yuko said that her store is a store that can fulfill the wish for people who come there. However, each wish should be granted reciprocal.

Watanuki has a friend named Himawari Kunogi. Rather, could say that Watanuki likes Himawari. However, it seems he has a rival. Because at the time were having lunch together, a man named Shizuka Doumeki appears and invites Himawari go with him to practice.

Back to topic! In the store, there was a woman who came. She was a woman whom he met by chance outside. The woman named Shishido. He complained of pain in her hand. He asked Yuko to relieve the pain. Yuko then gave a ring to wear. Directly, Shishido successfully recovered. At first, Shishido asking price of the ring, but Yuko does not sell it with money. Yuko just asked her not to take it off and stop the habit.

What kind of Habit?

I will not tell you. You better watch by yourself. Bottom line is, if Shishido violate the agreed appointment with Yuko, bad things will happen. And, of course! Shishido breaking that promise. She still doing her habit and in the end she took off the ring because of the pain worsened.

Seeing the plight of Shishido, Watanuki getting depressed. Seeing this, Himawari (the woman he loved) became frightened and ran away. Watanuki then ran to the Yuko’s store, and asked her to remove the ability to see ghosts. Yuko granted his request, and asked for feedback on the request. What kind of request? Are you curious? Me too!!!


TV Show: xxxHOLiC
Romaji: xxxHOLiC
Japanese: xxxHOLiC
Director: Keisuke Toyoshima
Writer: Clamp (manga)
Network: WOWOW
Episodes: 8
Release Date: 24 February, 2013


Anne Watanabe – Yuko Ichihara
Shota Sometani – Kimihiro Watanuki
Masahiro Higashide – Shizuka Doumeki
Karen Miyazaki – Himawari Kunogi

Best Summer’s Japan Drama 2012

Rich Man Poor Woman - Man Has A Big Company, But A Girl Has No Job, Even Any

The Japanese drama freaks would know Oguri Shun. Yeah, an actor who has made roles in a lot of Japanese Drama and Movie. In this summer, he makes an other role. In this season, he plays in Japanese Drama Series titled “Rich Man Poor Woman”. He plays as Hyuga Tohru, a very wealthy man who has a very big company named “Next Innovation”.

He was starting his business from a small room, and who knows? Tohru becomes a most wealthy man in that city. But he suffering a disease, He can’t remember face or name of people around him, maa… I don’t remember what kind of disease and name, well it’s not important to discuss after all. Meanwhile, there is a woman who hunting a job, she got rejected by 24 interviews of job, totally looser. One day, she went to the Next Generation…

Great Teacher Onizuka 2012 – How To Handle A Trouble Maker Student With Great Teacher’s Method

I have made a review and synopsis about this drama a few weeks ago. But it’s no harm if I try to talk this drama here again. Onizuka is a leader of motor gang. One day, he offered to becomes a teacher, he has to handle the 2-4 class. In that class, there are a lot of troublesome of students, they also bullying their home room teacher before in order the teacher got fired. But Onizuka might can handle them?

Beginners! – Let’s Become a Policeman And Make Our Dream Comes True


Becoming a policeman is not easy, it has to follow the school that has a strict rule and exercise. Love story is forbidden there. Teppei starting his dream in the police school academy. Become a policeman is his dream since he was child, because his father a policeman too. But unfortunately, he just an representative student, along with the 8 other students. But Teppei’s class is very warm, he can makes a friend there, and starting falling in love to someone named Momoe Hiro, his classmate. Well, in the first episode, I always laughing in every minutes, and in the end, there are a lot of touching moment.

Sprout – Looking For A Fated Love, His Hand Is Very Familiar, But I Can’t Remember His Face


Based on Manga, this drama has a pure Japanese Souls. Miku is a main character in this drama, she is a high school student girl. She has a first love, a fated love, a guy who help her when she got sick. But she can’t see his face clearly, she just feels his hand. Next day, there are 3 people who rent rooms in her house. One of them is her friend in school named Narahashi Shouhei, He is a very popular guy. In one night, for the twice, Miku fall again. But Narahashi helps her and grab her hand. Now, Miku feels an familiar atmosphere, she can feel his hand clearly, same with the other day. Narahashi is a fated love who has been she looking for. But unfortunately, He has a girlfriend, a popular girl in their school.

If you like cosplaying, check my post here Attack On Titan Titan Cosplay.

Two movies that will Gives Hint How to Break Terror by Japanese Ghost

1. Honogurai Mizu no Soko Kara (Dark Water – 2002)

While most horror films are generally  busy to find out who is actually the ghost, this film is different. This film more emphasis on the emotional connection between the characters which is interconnected. The main tool of terror in this film is water. How could it not, the film is embellished by an overcast sky with big rain and the muddy waters.This element is enough to make you claustrophobic. Here’s the story, Yoshimi is in divorce proceedings with her husband. One of the things they are fought is custody of Ikuko, their children.

Yoshimi prepare her new life by finding a new apartment, new school for Ikuko and jobs. But she does not think that life as a single parent is not something easy, especially in sharing time. After a couple time living in her new apartment, she began to be bothered by some weird things. First, she saw the water seepage in the apartment ceiling. Water seepage stains increasingly large. She was looking for seepage source, but instead found a mysterious red bag continuously. Furthermore she began seeing visions of a young girl in the apartment. Along with starting her life, she surrounded by puzzles and the ghost’s past.

2. Ringu (1998)

Ringu begins with the strange death two Tokyo high school student, after watching a video tape. One of the victims who died, Tomoko, had an aunt who worked as a reporter for a television station Tokyo. Tomoko death makes her aunt, Reiko Asakawa (Nanako Matsushima) feeling curious.[videomate id=8]She was trying to find out about the cause of Tomoko death. n her investigation, Reiko found an urban legend that says about a cursed video that can kill people after 7 days from watching the video. Reiko find a video that has been watched by Tomoko and then watch it.

She could not understand the scene that she saw in the video, but somehow she felt scenes are very disturbing and alarming. She getting nervous when the phone suddenly rang right after she finished watching the film. When she pick up the phone, no one answered. Reiko began to worry that maybe the urban legend was true.

Feeling scared and nervous, then she ask for help her ex-husband help, Ryuji Takayama. They must find the cause of the curse of the video, and neutralize them within 7 days to save Reiko. Everything becomes more complex when Reiko realizes that his son, Yoichi, it also has watched the video.

If you want try something different on cosplaying, check this Attack on Titan Titan Cosplay.

This Review presented to you by Best Japanese Films site.

3 Anime would make you cry


Title actually is “Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Boku Tachi wa Mada Shiranai“, means “We Still Don’t Know The Name of The Flower We Saw That Day“. it’s too long, so people shortened with a shorter term. This anime tells the story of six best friends from childhood: Jin-tan, Menma, Anaru, Poppo, Yukiatsu, and Tsuruko. They called themselves Super Peace Buster with Jin-tan as a leader and have headquarter in a small hut at the foot of the mountain.  [Read more...]


Kisaragi – He Said,”There was Something Odd about  Her Death, I’m Sure She was Killed!!”

Kisaragi – this is the story of five ordinary people who may have the talent to be a detective. Their talents emerge as they gather together for an important event, the death anniversary of their idol actress.

kisaragiActually, this is the first time they met. Previously they only communicate via internet. They do not use their real names, they still use their nicknames on the internet when they met, except Yasuo. Iemoto, Yasuo, Snake, Oda Yuuji, and Strawberry Girl is a five fans of Kisaragi Miki. Kisaragi Miki is an idol who died too young. The cause of death itself was suicide but is she died by suicide? This is a question that they discuss later as Kisaragi’s fans.

Initially the meeting was only for sharing knowledge and seeing about Kisaragi Miki’s stuff they have. But suddenly one of them said, “there was something odd about  Miki’s death, I’m sure she was killed”. Of course, the original cheerful atmosphere mood changed because of this statement. They also agreed to avoid this theme of  talk. But without realizing it, their detective instincts (maybe :p) and their curiosity provoked by this statement.

Yup, they finally began to investigate Kisaragi’s Death

They reorder what is going on around the time of the incident. The surprising thing happened. Apparently their existence and activities of that day have a connection with their idol death.

Did they meet with Kisaragi Miki before her death? Many questions arise, who are they really? Are they really just ordinary fans? Or maybe have a special relationship with Kisaragi (do not think too much :D)? What is the real cause of death of Kisaragi Miki?

Most of the time setting and plot in this film is just the place and time of their conversation on meeting only. But do you think that this movie would be boring? That’s Big Wrong! The film is very interesting, you will not be bored though mostly dialogues between characters is happened in almost just one place.

The flow in the film is neatly arranged and very nice. Initially we did not know and did not care who Kisaragi Miki? However, this film managed to lure us to care about what happened to her.

The comedy was good too and there are elements of surprise which is the leading cause of Kisaragi Miki’s death, the hints will be revealed from smart dialogues between characters in this film. Watch this movie now, this one is very high quality and entertaining. And if you have interest in cosplaying, check this post Attack on Titan Cosplay.

Thank for your time. Kisaragi Review By Best Japanese Films

252 Signal Of Life

252 Signal of Life – Keep Giving Them Our 252 Signal, They Will Hear It Surely

252 Signal of Life is japanese movie that told about the disaster and how to survive. Yuji Shinohara is an employee of car company. He has a happy family , with wife and a daughter named Shiori Shinohara. One day, he has a promise to meet his daughter and wife in one place. It’s Shiori’s birthday, so Yuji bought a birthday present for her. :present:

But, the disaster comes. :takuts Starting with the hail. It’s very huge hail, one of resident got hit on the head and bleeding. Yuji tries to save him, then Yuji’s phone ringing, it’s from his wife. She with Shiori at the underground station.

But She separate with Shiori, because eveyone in underground station become panic :tabrakan: due the disaster.

The hail followed by second disaster, Tsunami. The sea spilled into the mainland, including fulfill the underground station. Yuji try to save them, but too late. Water has damaging that place.

Yuji’s wife is survive and manage to climb to the surface. How about Shiori? Luckily, Yuji manage to find her with the other person, a girl from Korea. Yuji has a group there, with a doctor and a seller.

But the cannot climb to the surface, they are stuck there. The doctor is so depressed and they are (Yuji and Doctor) start fighting. Sorry, I mean the doctor is someone who start the fight and hit Yuji’s face, but Yuji ignored him.

When the situation in under control, Yuji makes a plan. He tries to give a signal by hitting the iron pole. 2 hits, then 5 hits, and then 2 hits again. He called it a 252 signal. Yeah, he knows about it, because he is a former of firefighter. That signal is told to the rescue team that are still a saviors inside.
252 signal of life
But, the other trouble comes. Korean girl is injured because when she rescued Shiori and needs a very help. Now, the doctor take a part. However, he just a trainee, he knows what he should do but he too scare.

Is a doctor can save her? Are the rescue team members can heard their signal? Can they survive? I don’t want to tell you guys, I just want you to watch it. very recommended!! hehehe… Happy watching!!
252 signal of life
252 Signal of Life Details

  • Title : 252 Signal of Life
  • Also Known As: 252: Seizonsha ari
  • Year: 2008
  • Genre: Action, Thriller

Detroit Metal City – How to Find Love on Death Metal Music

Detroit Metal City – Ever Watched Death Note? Don’t Blink Your Eyes This is the Other Side of L

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Death Metal City? Had seen Death Note? How is the character of the protagonist L? Eccentric? Cool? Haha … do not be surprised, the main character in this film is also played by character actor L in Death Note. Um … what should I say? Cool L will disappear after you wacth this movie.

cool L on death note movie

The main character in this film is Soichi Negishi. He has a dream to become a fashionable pop musicians. To realize his dream he moved from his hometown to Tokyo.

soichi negishi death metal city band vocalist

He appeared as a pop musician on the road, but his performance is far from people like i think. The strains of Soichi’s pop was annoying in my ear. Come on Soichi, you can do better than that (my support for Soichi back then).

soichi perform on the road on death metal city movie

Detroit Metal City – No Music No Dream

His motto is “No Music No Dream” but, that’s where the problem start. The motto may also imply he must turn to any music as the beginning, no need to pop music first. Finally, Souichi ended in Death Metal music. Very far from original purpose is not it?

detroit metal city logo

More cool again Soichi even became a Death Metal vocalist. More cool again his name changed to John Krauser 2.

soichi become john krauser2 ondeath metal city

More cool again (there’s more??) his nature change when he became the vocalist.

soichi change went appear as john krauser2 on death metal city the movie

Amazingly again, this time he was successful. He has many admirers, um …. the word “devotee” may be more suitable for Soichi’s fans as John Krauser 2. The fan always glorify his name when he on stage. Um..almost forget, the band name is Detroit Metal City (as same as the title of this movie).

john krauser2 fans on detroit metal city the movie

Even when on the stage, Soichi changed completely in his heart he is still a Pop Idol wannabe. Sometimes he does not want to ignore his conscience, but he could not to get out from Detroit Metal City band for some reason. Did you guess it was because his life motto? Teeet tooot …. (read: wrong … wrong …;) the real answer is because Soichi scared to the manager of the band (oh.. come on Soichi …;). Manager of Death Metal City band is Death Metal lover style woman . I admitted that she was quite creepy.

soichi afraid of yasuko the manager of detroit metal city

the manager of death metal city band

the manager of death metal city band 2

Well, apparently Soichi life conflict did not stop there. He then met a college friend, a woman named Yuri Aikawa. Souichi actually fell in love with Aikawa. But! In fact, Aikawa hated Death Metal music.

soichi meet her love but she hate death metal music_death metal city

Back then, Aikawa had met Soichi as Krauser and experience problems, the more she hates the Death Metal music. Because of that, Soichi did not want  Aikawa know he is Krauser. How Souichi life next? How about his love to Aikawa? What about his goals as a pop musician?

Find out the answers in Japanese Movie Death Metal City.

death metal city live action

Death Metal City Review by The Best Japanese Movies site.