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Suzuran Boy High School is a school for troublesome students. Genji Takiyais a new student in that school.When the official ceremony at the school is ongoing, students fight because one of student teased a freshman class representative when he was giving a speech. The hall was very noisy and uncontrollable.

Then immediately the fight is stop because there are a bunch of yakuza that come to school looking for someone.

They are looking for Tamao Serizawa. One of the Yakuza members says that Serizawa sent one of their boys to the hospital. But Serizawa was not in school.

Serizawa was visiting his friend who was sick in the hospital. In such a crucial moment, comes a new student named Genji Takiya passes in front of the Yakuza. They thought that Genji is Serizawa, then a fight between them is begins.
Meanwhile, Serizawa is going back to school from the hospital on a motorcycle. But Serizawa is getting into trouble on the way. He almost hit a police car and consequently he was chased by the police. But Serizawa won the duel and makes police cars were overturned.
When Serizawa had arrived at school, he saw Genji beat out all of the Yakuza. Serizawa was rather upset because those Yakuza are his guest who will kicked by him, but Genji preceded it.


They met for the first time there. Genji knows that the man in front of him is Serizawa, one of the most powerful in Suzuran Boy High School.

When the Serizawa team was relaxing on the roof of the school, Genji came and bothered them. Genji challenges Serizawa to fight.

But one of Serizawa’s friends, Tokio Tatsukawa, challenging Genji first to beat the second-year student named Rinda-man. If Genji could beat him, then he can come back and challenge the Serizawa again.

Can Genji to beat Rindaman and Serizawa? So what is Genji’s reason to fight with them? Does he want to become the new king at his school? Well, the true fight is just begin.

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crows zero


Crows Zero (クローズZERO) is a one of best japanese filmsbased on the manga Crows by Hiroshi Takahashi. The film was directed by Takashi Miike, written by Shogo Muto and stars Shun Oguri and Takayuki Yamada. The movie tells the untold story behind the characters in Suzuran, a violent high school.Crows Zero Details
Title : Crows Zero
Title in Japanese : クローズZERO
Also Known As : Crows: Episode 0
Directed by : Miike Takashi
Year : 2007
Genre : Action, Thriller, Yakuza


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