Detroit Metal City – How to Find Love on Death Metal Music

Detroit Metal City – Ever Watched Death Note? Don’t Blink Your Eyes This is the Other Side of L

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Death Metal City? Had seen Death Note? How is the character of the protagonist L? Eccentric? Cool? Haha … do not be surprised, the main character in this film is also played by character actor L in Death Note. Um … what should I say? Cool L will disappear after you wacth this movie.

cool L on death note movie

The main character in this film is Soichi Negishi. He has a dream to become a fashionable pop musicians. To realize his dream he moved from his hometown to Tokyo.

soichi negishi death metal city band vocalist

He appeared as a pop musician on the road, but his performance is far from people like i think. The strains of Soichi’s pop was annoying in my ear. Come on Soichi, you can do better than that (my support for Soichi back then).

soichi perform on the road on death metal city movie

Detroit Metal City – No Music No Dream

His motto is “No Music No Dream” but, that’s where the problem start. The motto may also imply he must turn to any music as the beginning, no need to pop music first. Finally, Souichi ended in Death Metal music. Very far from original purpose is not it?

detroit metal city logo

More cool again Soichi even became a Death Metal vocalist. More cool again his name changed to John Krauser 2.

soichi become john krauser2 ondeath metal city

More cool again (there’s more??) his nature change when he became the vocalist.

soichi change went appear as john krauser2 on death metal city the movie

Amazingly again, this time he was successful. He has many admirers, um …. the word “devotee” may be more suitable for Soichi’s fans as John Krauser 2. The fan always glorify his name when he on stage. Um..almost forget, the band name is Detroit Metal City (as same as the title of this movie).

john krauser2 fans on detroit metal city the movie

Even when on the stage, Soichi changed completely in his heart he is still a Pop Idol wannabe. Sometimes he does not want to ignore his conscience, but he could not to get out from Detroit Metal City band for some reason. Did you guess it was because his life motto? Teeet tooot …. (read: wrong … wrong …;) the real answer is because Soichi scared to the manager of the band (oh.. come on Soichi …;). Manager of Death Metal City band is Death Metal lover style woman . I admitted that she was quite creepy.

soichi afraid of yasuko the manager of detroit metal city

the manager of death metal city band

the manager of death metal city band 2

Well, apparently Soichi life conflict did not stop there. He then met a college friend, a woman named Yuri Aikawa. Souichi actually fell in love with Aikawa. But! In fact, Aikawa hated Death Metal music.

soichi meet her love but she hate death metal music_death metal city

Back then, Aikawa had met Soichi as Krauser and experience problems, the more she hates the Death Metal music. Because of that, Soichi did not want  Aikawa know he is Krauser. How Souichi life next? How about his love to Aikawa? What about his goals as a pop musician?

Find out the answers in Japanese Movie Death Metal City.

death metal city live action

Death Metal City Review by The Best Japanese Movies site.

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